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Hamagin Space and Science Center & Log House for Children {Yokohama, Japan}

By on June 12, 2014

The boys and I met up with a friend from Yokosuka at the Hamagin Space and Science Center near Yokohama. It’s near the Yokodai Station, so not actually in Yokohama. Holy cow it was busy! I think we went on a Monday and I’m starting to think Monday’s may be field trip days for the Japanese schools because all I saw were schoolchildren everywhere we went. Even the train platforms were loaded with school groups. I can see the science center being loads of fun for the kids when it isn’t quite so busy. One of the floors has a “hamster” trail that runs above you and the kids had a blast up there. I kept losing them though in the mass of kids. Luckily they always knew where to find me. They had some fun science interaction exhibits that would be great for older kids learning about light, space, robotics, etc.

Hamagin Space and Science Center, Yokohama Japan   www.homelifeart.comThe highlight of the day was definitely the Oak Lodge Kashiwaba Park’s Log House for Children. I’m so glad I was not leading the way though because I never would have found this place. And it’s amazing…and free. They have so much open and explorative play here the kids were a complete blur the whole time. They loved hiding out in the basement bunker. All the kids left a sweaty mess and slept like rocks that night. I’m so thankful we were introduced to this playhouse. It’s a bit of a train ride for us, but we will definitely be back.

Kashiwaba Park's Log House for Children, Yokohama, Japan   www.homelifeart.comLet’s see if I can share a map here. :) If you put in the Hamagin Space and Science Center into your GPS, it should come up. Looking at the map, in the diagonally opposite corner of the space center you’ll see a green rooftop. That’s the cabin.

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