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Azalea Festival at the Nezu Shrine {Tokyo, Japan}

By on April 28, 2014

I went with a few friends and Logan to see the azalea’s at the Nezu Shrine in Tokyo. They absolutely didn’t disappoint with their beautiful display of colors. The festival officially goes through May 6th this year and the cost was 200 yen to make it through the garden. There’s not much for the kids to see but my 6 year old was entertained with another little boy his age who was with us.  Expect large crowds! We went on Wednesday, April 23rd around midday and as you can see it was still pretty crowded.

_MG_1173 _MG_1181 _MG_1192

While the festival is going on they have merchant and vendor booths with amazing smelling food. We had chicken and beef satay and another wife had grilled cabbage and veggies topped with a fried egg and wrapped in a pancake. The food in the picture below was pretty interesting to me though. Most of them looked like dried little fish, but a few of them definitely had legs. Maybe crickets? Or some other bug…yeah, not for me. :)

_MG_1236 _MG_1238

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